We have Sunday worship experiences that allow visitors and members to have meaningful encounters with the Lord.

We were created to love Him. (Matthew 22:26-30)


Ride Share does more than carpool to church.  Participants have created a community where everyone knows, supports and encourages each other to regularly attend church service and to grow in Christian love.  It's not only economical and ecological, it's theological! For more information contact Noble Harris at nobcheryl@sbcglobal.net

The Sharing Is Caring Ministry serves as a resource for GBBC members as well as to the local community. Thanks to donations from church members, the ministry offers a variety of toiletries and household products to families in need and also provides hygiene care packages to the homeless. For more information, contact Rose Coronado at 469-309-0906.

Elevate Ministry nurtures adults age 18-25 to cultivate and enhance their witness by developing spiritual, social, emotional, and financial leadership skills in a fun and engaging manner to equip them for progressive responsibility within the body of Christ.  For more information contact Alicia Ward at renee4584@yahoo.com

A warm smile, guidance and assistance are offered to all who enter Greater Bethlehem, whether it’s your first or 500th visit.  Members of the Hospitality Ministry share the love of Christ by welcoming and following up with all visitors to the church. For more information contact Benita Wilson at b.h.wilson@hotmail.com

Bertha M. Sheppard Music Ministry participants are trained and committed to exalting the Lord and ministering to congregants through meaningful music and praise singing that is rooted in the Word of God. 
For more information contact Sharon Wilson at (972) 274-9922

Greater Praise members usher the congregation into God’s presence through joyous and reverent exaltations at the beginning of each church service to prepare souls for worship, ears for hearing, and hearts for change. 

For His Glory is a dance ministry that uses the performing arts for adults and youth to witness, encourage and empower the church through service and discipleship for God’s glory.  For more information contact Cori Mooring-Simpson at cdemetres@hotmail.com 

Usher Ministry warmly welcomes members and visitors to the church and attends to their needs during the service to keep distractions at a minimum so attendees can have a more meaningful worship experience at Greater Bethlehem.  For more information contact Brenda Johnson at jbbj57.jj@gmail.com

Health Ministry members act as good Samaritans by educating, encouraging and when needed ministering to the physical needs of the church through health related workshops, trainings, and screenings.  For more information contact Pearl Mooring at epmooring@yahoo.com

New Members Ministry encourages new disciples to in their spiritual journey as church members by assuring that each has a healthy, Biblical foundation and understands their rights and responsibilities as members of Greater Bethlehem. For more information contact Emma Pierce.