Living Ministries

We live our faith through serving both inside and outside of our church.  We are to be "living-sacrifices"

which means our lives are to be a gift from God.  Serving makes the difference! 

Culinary Ministry provides refreshments, beverages, and food services when appropriate and needed to meet the physical needs of members and friends which help to build the family bond of community within the church. For more information contact Carrie Perry at 

Big Brothers/Big Sisters ministry workers personify the love of Christ to at-risk students at John Ireland Elementary School.  They engage in organized mentoring activities an hour each month to help meet the emotional, social and academic needs of the students and spend countless other hours praying for them and their development.  Through a partnership with the local BBBS, Greater Bethlehem is building caring child, one hour, one church, and one school at a time. For more information contact Sis Veronica Cobb at  or Sis Cheryl Thomas at

Men Ministry supports men in their Christian walk and helps develop spiritual maturity through example, mentoring and testimony while providing service and learning opportunities to help each man of Greater Bethlehem meet his whole duty to his God, his family, his church and his community. For more information contact

Women Ministry celebrate and challenge the women of Greater Bethlehem to be godly women who serve others, build God’s kingdom, promote church unity, and who support and encourage each other. For more information contact

“Reaching” and “reproducing” for our Lord is the focus of Greater Bethlehem’s Evangelism Ministry.  This group shares the Good News with all who will listen, wherever they may be found to make disciples of men, women and children for God.  For more information, contact Dwight Greer at

Greater Generation Ministry helps young professionals with full time careers to build and balance relationships with younger and older members while serving those in need and acting as intermediaries between the church’s various ministries.

Greater Women Day Ministry affords senior women the opportunity for weekly service and spiritual growth in an environment where they can develop and strengthen friendships while celebrating and challenging each other, as well as the younger women of God. For more information contact Mattie Gowans at (214) 388-7161

Greater Works Ministry identifies members for service and worship opportunities based on gifts, individual preferences, and church need to assure that each member is growing and actively involved in “Greater Works." For more information contact W.D. Brooks at

The Intercessory Prayer Ministry expresses love and obedience to Christ by cultivating a life of prayer for the church, its members, and our community.  Learn to pray and learn how to pray with these dynamic and humble saints. For more information, contact Brenda Burford 

The Bereavement Ministry discerns and arranges to help meet the needs of families following the loss of a member. These empathetic members share our Lord’s love by walking alongside those experiencing loss and showing care and hospitality when they need it most. For more information contact Rosie Mary Cobb or David Larry at