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Matthew 22:34-40

Message Moment: Despite the opposition that awaits us on our campuses, in our community, and in our country, we must aspire to biblical greatness as ascribed by our Lord and Savior! #SummerServe 

"Hold fast to a CERTAIN GOD for our UNCERTAIN FUTURE!"

"God has not given us a spirit of fear..."

Get It:  Jesus had to defend Himself to those who held the power and authority. Although they hated Him, He was never intimidated by their words or actions: The Pharisess & Saducees felt that Destorying His Message would Destory His Movement! Bullying knows no Boundaries! Bullies must be Addressed!

"When those who hate get me to hate, they've won!"

Jesus gave them the Antidote(LOVE) to what Ailed them (HATE), and the Answer (GOD) to what Failed them (SIN)!

Apply It: Young people, your gretness is awaiting you! So, when they come for you:

  • Don't be afraid to speak up!
  • Don't be afraid to point them to GOD!
  • Don't allow them to Make you Hate!

Reflect It: You are great because your God is great!


GBBC'S Summer Serve


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2 Corinthians 4:7 UNBREAKABLE

Message Moment: Believers are UNBREAKABLE, not because of what we're made of, but because of WHO made us and what's inside of us! #SummerServe

It's a paradox! We (believers) are Valuable & Unbreakable based upon what's INSIDED of us! 

"The Treasure has the Power, the clay does not!"

Regardless of what the World or Satan throws at us, Paul is affirming that God's GOT OUR BACK!

God can use anyone ((even me))Who's

  • willing to give Him Glory! (vs.11-15)
  • willing to Trust Him! (vs.16-17)
  • Sees with Eyes of Faith! (vs.18)                                                  

Reflect It:  Whatever happens to you, God's still GOT YOU!

GBBC'S Summer Serve

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